Service Offering

Dr Cerina provides dental care for the whole family from toddlers through teens to adults and Grandparents. She is committed to making the dental visit as stress-free as possible for all ages.

Her mission is to foster a positive dental experience for as many children as possible, and to create awareness of what is needed to promote good oral health for all ages and encourage effective daily care habits for life.

It is easy to develop bad dental hygiene habits, which is something that could have serious consequences later in life. We are therefore committed to keeping our patients informed of how to break these habits and replace them with practical and easy steps that prevent uncomfortable and expensive dental treatments at a future stage.

Carpet cleaning

Our Services:

Our service offering is aimed at making the ongoing dental treatment of your whole family as easy and painless as possible. We therefore offer the following:




Restorations (fillings)

Crowns (caps)

Implant supported crowns

Bite plates


Oral hygiene instruction

Various dental products

Going to the dentist doesn't have to be unpleasant and painful!

As your caring family dentist, we focus on providing preventative care and a personal and gentle experience.